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Are you familiar with the Spirit Hood phenomenon? It’s possible you’ve seen them on the hit NBC show Shark Tank, or maybe you’ve heard your son or daughter talking about them and you’re wondering what they’re all about.

Spirit hoods are accessories inspired by animals and created entirely out of faux fur. In fact, the brand was actually established with the intention to give back partial proceeds to the endangered species that inspire their spirit hood designs.

A spirit hood is just that — a hood. It’s worn over the head with oversized flaps on the side that extend down to your arms. When you slip your hands into the flaps, the end result looks like you’re wearing the ears and paws of your favorite animal.

Another mission of the Spirit Hood brand is to create a sense of unity amongst those who wear their hoods, as described by co-owner Alexander Mendaluk in a recent interview:

“In college I had taken a Native American studies course and I was really drawn to the power of tradition and the power of community that seems to be so lost within our society this day and age.”

What started as a fun fashion accessory for Alexander and his friends absolutely exploded in popularity when he started wearing them to trendy parties in Hollywood and Los Angeles.

“I went to this party in Hollywood and people wanted to take pictures, they wanted touch it, to feel it, to try it on, they wanted to know where I got it, and how they could get one. That was the light bulb moment where I thought to myself, “wow, this could really be something.””

Indeed it did turn into something, and now they’re so popular they’ve inspired copycats. Only the ‘SpiritHood’ brand, carried here at Merry Love Joy, offers the original product made out of the highest quality materials. Imitation spirit hoods can often be found cheaper, but they can’t be expected to last nearly as long, nor will they have the silky soft touch of an authentic Spirit Hood.

Why Wear a Spirit Hood?

The appeal of a spirit hood is difficult to describe — it’s almost one of those ‘you either get it, or you don’t’ type of things. Other than the practical reasons for wearing one (they can keep your head and hands warm in cold weather), wearing a spirit hood is a way to express oneself.

Spirit hood aficionados describe wearing their favorite hood as being like unleashing their inner animal. For that reason spirit hoods have become a popular accessory at parties and within dance music culture.

Spirit hoods have widely been embraced by EDM (electronic dance music) fans in recent years — almost becoming as common as beaded bracelets and glow sticks at music festivals.

Choosing Your Spirit Hood

You may notice that there are spirit hoods inspired by all sorts of animals, because everyone has their own unique spirit animal. You choose your spirit hood based on whichever design speaks to you the most — whether it’s a bunny, a wolf, a fox, and so on.

You can rest assured that no animals are harmed during the creation of authentic SpiritHood products. The company has twice been awarded the Peta Libby Award for Best Animal-friendly Clothing Company.

All authentic SpiritHood products are also made right here in the United States out of their headquarters in Los Angeles.

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