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Flat Lay Friday – So Sweet Look

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream, For Ice Cream! Nothing says summer to me more than Ice Cream!  Hot days call for cold refreshing treats, am I right?  We have rounded up our favorite ice creams products and an

Happy Half Birthday Sutton Jane

Happy Half Birthday Sutton Jane We had the pleasure and honor to be work with Rebecca Hillyard, mom and blogger, over at cellajane.com.  She entrusted us to style her little beauty for Miss Sutton Jane’s first Half Birthday.  We could

Golden Giveaway

Featuring Guest Judge, London Scout 1- Follow @minipupnyc and @merrylovejoy on IG. 2- Post your Christmas card photo and tag @minipupnyc + @merrylovejoy 3- Mention your favorite item offered in the giveaway 3- Use hashtag #MerryLovesMini 4- Contest and promotion end Christmas Eve at Midnight Too much work? Mini

Merry Metallic Moment

Merry Metallic Moment We have been dying to share our gorgeous shoot with Mini Pup and Brooke Logue Photography.  The pictures are here and we teamed up with Mini Pup to create a gorgeous, Merry Metallic Moment, holiday guide to show you

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